Les impacts sociaux de l'industrie de la mode

The social impacts of the fashion industry

The fashion industry is a global industry that employs millions of people around the world. However, the working conditions of these workers are often deplorable.

Insufficient salaries

Textile workers are often poorly paid. In 2020, the average wage for a garment worker in developing countries was around $2 per day. This salary is well below the international poverty line, which is set at $1.90 per day.

Dangerous working conditions

Textile workers often work in dangerous conditions. Textile factories are often poorly equipped and do not meet safety standards. Workers are exposed to the risk of injuries, accidents and illnesses.

Lack of social rights

Textile workers often do not benefit from basic social rights. They are not entitled to paid leave, health insurance or a pension. They can be dismissed without cause and without notice.


The majority of textile workers are women. These women are often victims of discrimination. They are often paid less than men and are more likely to experience violence and abuse.


The social impacts of the fashion industry are considerable. They have a negative impact on the lives of textile workers and their families. They also contribute to global poverty and inequality.


There are solutions to improve the working conditions of textile workers. Governments and businesses can put in place policies and practices that respect workers' rights. Consumers can also help improve the situation by choosing to consume fashion responsibly.

Here are some concrete examples of actions that can be taken to improve the working conditions of textile workers:

  • Governments can put in place laws and regulations that protect workers' rights.
  • Companies can commit to respecting international labor standards and paying fair wages.
  • Consumers may favor brands that are committed to responsible fashion.

The social impacts of the fashion industry are a major issue. It is important to raise public awareness of these issues and take steps to resolve them.