Good house

Brand history and values

Odon and Urbain, two twin brothers, have always had a passion for fashion. They have closely followed the latest trends and created a unique style of their own. Calvin, Odon's son, already had the opportunity to create an e-commerce site. He has therefore acquired some experience in the field of online commerce.

In 2023, the three men decided to launch their own brand, Maison bon boug. The brand name is a play on the word "boug". In adolescent and young adult slang, it refers to a very good friend. The founders of the brand wanted to create a brand that was accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender or origin.

Maison bon boug is a brand committed to social and environmental values. The brand uses sustainable materials and manufactures its clothing under fair conditions. She is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. She works to make her fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender or origin.

The team and the products

Calvin, Odon and Urbain are the three founders of Maison bon boug. They are passionate about fashion and driven to create a brand that has a positive impact on the world.

The Maison bon boug team is made up of young talents who are all passionate about fashion and the brand's values.

Maison bon boug offers a range of streetwear and casual clothing for men, women and children. The brand offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.

Maison bon boug clothing is made from quality materials and is designed to last.

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