Faut-il laver nos habits neufs ?

Should we wash our new clothes?

It's tempting to wear our new clothes as soon as we buy them. However, many people wonder if it is really necessary to wash our new clothes before wearing them. In this article, we will explore the reasons why it is recommended to wash our new clothes.

1. Eliminate chemicals

When it comes to clothing production, there are many chemicals used throughout the process, such as bleaches, dyes and finishes. These chemicals may remain on fabrics even after production and may cause skin irritation in some sensitive individuals. Therefore, washing your new clothes helps eliminate these potentially irritating residues.

Additionally, some new clothing may also contain substances used for transportation and storage, such as anti-mold products. These substances can be harmful to the skin and can cause allergic reactions. It is therefore best to eliminate them by washing your clothes before wearing them.

2. Eliminate Bacteria

New clothes go through various stages of manufacturing and distribution, where they are handled by many people. This means they can be exposed to bacteria and germs. By washing them before wearing them, you reduce the risk of developing skin irritations or infections caused by these bacteria.

Some people may also be sensitive to chemicals used to treat new fabrics, which can lead to adverse skin reactions. Washing new clothes helps remove these chemicals and reduces the risk of skin problems related to their use.

3. Improve comfort

New clothing may be stiff due to chemical treatments applied during production. By washing them, you help soften the fabrics and make them more comfortable to wear. Additionally, washing can also help remove unwanted wrinkles or potential odors that may be present on new clothing.

Sometimes new clothes can be treated with finishing agents that make them shinier or stiffer. This can make clothes less comfortable to wear. By washing them, you can remove these finishing agents and make clothes softer and more supple.

4. Prevent allergic reactions

If you have allergies or sensitive skin, it is especially important to wash your new clothes. Some people may be allergic to dyes or chemicals used in the production of clothing. By washing your new clothes, you reduce the risk of allergic reactions and protect your skin.

Additionally, new clothing can be exposed to allergens such as dust mites or pollen when stored or transported. Washing clothes before wearing them helps get rid of these potential allergens and prevents allergy symptoms.

5. Preserve the life of clothes

Washing new clothes beforehand can also help preserve their lifespan. Chemicals on new fabrics can weaken them, make them less durable and cause them to degrade more quickly. By washing them before wearing them, you remove these chemicals and extend the durability of your clothes.

In addition, some new clothes may contain dirt invisible to the naked eye, such as manufacturing or transport residue. This dirt can build up in the fibers and cause long-term damage. An initial wash helps get rid of this dirt and preserves the appearance and quality of your new clothes.


In conclusion, it is strongly recommended to wash your new clothes before wearing them. This helps eliminate chemicals, bacteria, potential irritants and allergens, improve comfort, and preserve the life of your clothes. Take care of your skin, comfort and clothes by adopting this simple but important habit.